When two Elephants fight…

In the past few weeks, the GRFC has been repeatedly told that the Northern League has been delayed. It’s been demoralizing for the Club and for the players that have been training so hard here in Gulu.

So, this past Saturday, the GRFC, decided to take things into their own hands and have a match between the Gulu Elephants and the Mbale Elephants.

It was a great day. They say when two Elephants fight, the grass suffers. Both Elephant teams did just that, fought hard on the pitch and did that grass ever suffer. The players were energized and the amazing rugby fans in Gulu turned up in carloads! The game ended with a 17-7 score, in favour of the Gulu Elephants! Here are some pictures from the day!

Note: As of today, there is still no update on when the Northern League will begin from the Uganda Rugby Union. 


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  1. Katumba salim

    i liked the game

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